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Music Update For End Of 2013!

Hi guys and gals!


People have been asking why I haven’t put out any music lately, so I figured I’d give you guys a little update as to where Miracle Of Sound is at musically.
This week was distracting due to the Youtube copyright mess but I have actually been working too on a bunch of new stuff for the last week or two. I have 6 tracks finished for a very mellow, relaxing instrumental album I’m making. It’s something I’m doing for fun, just to please myself – with no pressure to write good lyrics or structures or any of that. Just very simple, minimal, chill out music. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it too!

I’m also working on a song based on The Hobbit which is more of an orchestral type thing with lots of different bits and pieces, and finally a full force industrial synth-metal stomper about a certain big game coming out soon 

So needless to say, soon enough you’ll be hit with LOADS of new music. ‘Till then, L1, 2, and 3 are half price on bandcamp for the foreseeable future and L4 is OUT NOW so you’ve loads to keep you going!

Big love


guitar lurve

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