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‘The Artist/Audience Relationship’

Hi guys, happy new year!


I want to address something that came up a few times over the holidays and that is becoming increasingly regular as the MOS project grows in size – the topic of the relationship between artist and audience and where that relationship begins and ends.


I believe that the artist/audience relationship is a mutually beneficial one. The artist creates something that enriches your life through enjoyment and pleasure and you enrich the artist’s life through buying their work and providing them with appreciation, criticism and comment. I do not, however, believe that the artist/audience relationship entitles either of us to the other’s personal time or physical space.



It’s a tricky thing to address as it can make you sound like you don’t appreciate having fans. Trust me, I do. I’m an indie musician and I spend 2-3 hours every day on Twitter, the MOS Facebook and Youtube responding to as many messages/enails//Tweets as I can.  It does not feel like a chore to me because I love hearing your feedback, I love reading messages from people whose lives have been affected in a positive way by these songs.  It’s a lovely, rewarding part of my job and I love doing it.


However, when people want to add me on Skype/Steam/Xbox Live etc or my personal Facebook, or expect me to spend time private chatting with you – I would politely ask that you respect my decision to decline. I appreciate your interest in MOS and I know it seems like a cool thing to web chat with someone whose work you admire, but for me, personally, I keep these things to a very small pool of close friends and business contacts. I do my socialising with people I know face to face. I go to the pub or a restaurant or cafe, or to a house party – with people I know in ‘real life’, so to speak. I’m not a really sociable guy on the web. I’m 33 and grew up in the 80s & 90s when the internet was barely a thing.  I have 5 or 6 close friends who I have known for decades. As an old fashioned Luddite, Web chatting with strangers is a strange and awkward concept to me – though I completely respect and appreciate that there are many who maybe grew up with it and it is a much more normal and fun thing for them.  Besides – If I were to accept every friend request and chat to every fan who asks me to, I would have no time to talk to ANY of you, let alone make music!



The best way to meet eachother – at cons and events! :)


As for meeting up in person, this is another topic entirely. I am happy to meet and greet with people at cons, events and designated ‘Miracle of Sound’ times. Any fan you ask who has met me in person will tell you I am accommodating, friendly and respectful to them.  However – I do not do one on one meet ups with complete strangers from the internet. I know people who have had terrible experiences with this and it’s something that would make me very uncomfortable and anxious.  I can only speak for myself but I can’t even imagine asking one of my favorite musicians to come and spend one on one time with me. For me that would be vastly overstepping the boundary of the artist/audience relationship and I wouldn’t dream of it. It would feel pretty arrogant of me to even ask.


I try to be a humble person through life. I have spent years working on removing any ego from my work and the interactions with those who listen to it. I do not see myself as above or better than anyone who is my fan. So it genuinely upsets me when people do not respect my wishes and get angry that they are not entitled to my private time or space. Going around my fan pages publicly badmouthing me over this, in my opinion, just makes you look like this guy:


 …and I am totally not worth being that guy about. I’m a boring, nerdy Irish dude who spends his day on the computer clicking a mouse around Cubase.


Thanks for reading this guys, I hope it gives a little understanding of exactly why it is you got that ‘friend request declined’ message. Feel free to follow on Twitter (by far the best way to talk to me, I’m on Twitter all day), comment on Youtube or message the MOS Facebook account where I will be happy to respond when I can :)


Big love






5 Responses to “‘The Artist/Audience Relationship’”

  1. Anirban Says:

    Perfect, valid and justified. I want to be familiar with Miracle of Sound, and interact with him. Gavin Dunne is not my friend, and I have no right over the tiniest bit of his personal life, unless he chooses to share it with me. Sure, there’s the mystique of the “Man behind the music”, but it’s best the mystique remain. Love your work.

  2. Dave N Says:

    Great post, Gav. Met you at Warpcon a few years back and you were a total gentleman to my slightly drunken!
    I live in Cork as well, but I’d feel way too weird coming up to you on your way out of a shop or something.

    I get freaked out by facebook friend requests from I’ve met once or twice, so I can only imagine how weird it is when it’s people you’ve never interacted with at all!

  3. Kayleigh Says:

    It’s understandable, so I understand why you have wanted to do a post like this. I have had to do a similar thing! I get a lot of friend requests on my personal Facebook due to people searching for me (due to my blog). I always decline them, as I’m happy with my friend circle as it is, and have never really felt comfortable forming friendships online (plus people I have never met being able to view all my photos, goings on, friend list which includes most of my family, etc. It just seems a bit too invasive to me). I’m always more than happy to respond on my blogs Twitter, via email etc though to anyone with questions. :)

  4. Artemis Says:

    Thanks Gav for clearing this up for a lot of people.

    While it’s all totally written with respect to you, I think it’s a good thing to tell everyone about this not just in relation to you, but in relation to any artist/popular person/celebrity they have contact with on the internet. Sadly, this concept isn’t ever explained and most people have to figure it out by feel. It’s really good to have a voice reminding us what it’s like from the artists’ point of view and a reminder that artists need personal space too.

    That being said, I love how close you are with your fans online, and I feel super special that I can post something here, or on facebook, and I know that you will personally see it. You don’t get that with many of your favorite artists, and it’s absolutely wonderful that we can have that relationship with you. I just wanted to say thanks so much for being so available and friendly to us.

  5. Helmstif Says:

    Totally understandable. Personal world is personal. But hey, you can’t deny that’s the side effect of dame 😉

    Looking forward to run into you at some Con someday. By the way, some of your songs (specifically, Borderlands 2 and Dishonored) are actually quite easily to pick up for a guitar noob like me 😀

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