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Image courtesy of The Escapist

Gavin Dunne is the man behind the internet music project Miracle Of Sound. From humble beginnings making fan-songs for movies and videogames, Gavin has become one of the most well known and respected names in the gaming industry.

His songs and compositions (produced & mixed 100% solo from his home studio) cover a vast range of musical genres and styles and have accrued close to 40 million views across the internet through grassroots viral word of mouth and without any help from record labels.

Industry giants such as Ubisoft, Bioware, EA, Epic and Bethesda have taken notice of Gavin’s work and his songs have been used to promote major titles such as Mass Effect 3, Assassin’s Creed 4 and Watch Dogs.

His song ‘Cries Of A Dead World’ is on the soundtrack to the game Wasteland 2, as the epilogue & credits music.

Many of Gavin’s songs have made various worldwide Itunes chart appearances, individually adding up to hundreds of appearances. With a strong ear for addictive, catchy hooks and song structure, Gavin thrives on variety. Jazz, rock, classical, ambient, electro, metal, pop, country… these are just a few of the genres Gavin has created popular works in.


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